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John Olcese

Bio 09 Jun 17 0

First off, don’t believe anything
John says. According to legend,
he quit school at ten years of age

and ran away from home to study
piano at a conservatory located at

the base of the Dabie Mountains
range in central China.
Unfortunately, after several

months of being a stowaway
aboard a ship called “Broaden

Your Horizons,” he discovered
that it was quite impossible to get
to central China on a fishing boat.

After this unfortunate set-back, he
had the incredible opportunity to perform on the now cancelled TV

He claims his musical
background covers everything
from Polkas to Jazz, but he’s still
trying to figure out why they put
the black keys on the piano,
constantly complaining because
they get in the way. After traveling
the world without a GPS, he is
“thrilled” to use his EZ-Pass to
perform with the amazing Picture

Perfect Band!

Gerard Mayer

Bio 09 Jun 17 0

Franklin Poole

Bio 09 Jun 17 0

Stacy Velez

Bio 09 Jun 17 0

An Interview with Vocalist Stacey Velez

What ot you into music?
My mom following me around with a microphone as soon as I was able to speak.

Where/whom have you studied? Tony Grant’s “Stars of tomorrow,” Wilkes Barre, PA

Who are your major influences? Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, and Bruno Mars

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be? Barbra Streisand

If you had one messae for people who come out to see Picture Perfect, what would it be? To allow themselves to feel the joy that we do!

How did you become a member of Picture Perfect? I married Picture Perfect.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you during a Picture Perfect show? I fell off the stage (multiple times) and I wasn’t drunk. Low carb diet.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally? “Overjoyed, “‘ by Stevie Wonder

Who would you be nervous to meet? Michael Jackson

I married Picture Perfect’

Chris Hare

Bio 20 Feb 17 0

Chris has been playing and performing for over 20 years. He enjoys seeing people have fun and loves to be a part of it! He free-lances all over PA and NY but is happy to call Picture Perfect his home! He lives in Sunbury, PA with his two children.

Victor Gowl

Bio 20 Feb 17 0

Victor Gowl has been involved with music his whole life. From middle school choirs and bands, to high school musicals and marching bands, and then to Penn State Blue Band, ensembles, concert choirs and bar bands. He loves it all and is more than happy to add wedding band to his repertoire. He currently resides in Sunbury, PA and works as a bookkeeper at Weis Markets and at a day camp during the summer while he finishes up his degree from Penn State.

Tila Paris Walters

Bio 20 Sep 16 0

Tila grew up in San Francisco California where she studied theatre at
the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre Company. She moved to
Pennsylvania along with her mother to be closer to family. While attending
Wilkes University Tila reconnected with her now husband Kevin Walters.
They have happily been together for thirteen years, married for five. They
have three beautiful daughters together Nyasha who is eleven and twin girls
Ailena Rose and Aliyah Victoria that they welcomed this past November
(2011). They live in the historic section of Wilkes-Barre down from their
alma mater Wilkes University. Tila graduated in 2002 with a BA in Theatre
Arts. Tila has spent much of her time teaching theatre to the youth and
perfecting her craft while performing with regional theatre groups. A few of
her favorite performances were in Nunsense and Plaza Suite at the Grove.
Also The Odd Couple and Doubt at the Electric Theatre Company. Tila has
been fortunate to make long lasting friendships with many of the wonderful
people she has worked with. All who add to her continued growth and make
each experience memorable.

As a natural extension of her theatre roots Tila is a vocalist who has
been studying since age eleven. She has performed with various groups and
local musicians. Tila feels blessed to be with Picture Perfect Band now for
over three years. “We are a family. It’s a very comfortable, relaxed, fun
experience when we are on stage together. We are all professionals so we
push each other to strive for more with each performance. That’s one reason
I think we are so good and why we all just work together. It’s like chocolate
and peanut butter, it’s meant to be together and you just can’t get enough.
The most rewarding experiences for me are when people comment on how
much they’ve enjoyed listening to our music. They want to find out about
our next gig so they can come out again. That solidifies for me that we are
doing our job.” Tila is looking forward to the years ahead with Picture
Perfect Band helping to make each wedding even more memorable and
every other gig better than the last.

Edwin Velez

Bio 20 Sep 16 0

Edwin Velez Bio

What got you into music? My
Dad was a musician and a Ieader
of a band. When they were done,

myjob was toput all the
I instruments away, but, before I

did, I wouId play them.

WhereMfith whom have you
studied music? I never studied

music I only pray with heart and
by ear

Who is your greatest
influence? Marc Anthony

What can you tell me about
your instrument? My instrument

I is not very popular in Northeast
PA, but, where I come from it’s a
very popular insuument.

‘ How do you handle mistakes _
during a performance? fix them
and move on.

‘ It you didn’t become a
musician. what would you be
doing instead? Be a normal
person and be more active with

‘ law enforcement.

If you coutd collaborate with
any musician, who wouid it be?
I’m doing it now—the Picture
Perfect band.

‘ Do you think you coutd get any
better as a musician? I’m
always open to Ieaming and
getting better.

If you had one message for
people who come out to see

Picture Perfect, what would it
be? Come and have some fun

and eruby the talent on stage.

How did you become a member
of Picture Perfect? By luck. God

has blessed me.

Is there a particular song or
musical passage that never

‘ fails to move you emotionatly?
There are so many: but definitely
when Stacey sings “Rapture” and
“Ice Castfes. ”

How would you describe your

‘ perfect day? Playing music at a
nice venue.

‘ What do you value the most?
‘ My ram

Whowoutd you be nervousto