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"& the Raging Hornmones"

Picture Perfect band

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We are proud to announce, We adding a preshow to our wedding as people are walking in, and right before the Introductions

John Olcese

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Gerard Mayer

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Franklin Poole

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Stacy Velez

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Chris Hare

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Chris has been playing and performing for over 20 years. He enjoys seeing people have fun and loves to be a part of it! He free-lances all over PA and NY but is happy to call Picture Perfect his home! He lives in Sunbury, PA with his two children.

Victor Gowl

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Victor Gowl has been involved with music his whole life. From middle school choirs and bands, to high school musicals and marching bands, and then to Penn State Blue Band, ensembles, concert choirs and bar bands. He loves it all and is more than happy to add wedding band to his repertoire. He currently resides in Sunbury, PA and works as a bookkeeper at Weis Markets and at a day camp during the summer while he finishes up his degree from Penn State.

Mert’s December 17 2016

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Join us in December at Mert’s!